General Secretary’s Desk

It is indeed a great pleasure to comment on one of the few booming sectors of the Indian economy today. The Indian Pharmaceutics Industry is one of the Sun rise sectors expected to grow as the rate of more than 15% till 2020.

Healthcare and Education are perhaps the only domains in the world today, which are immune to recessions.

We, at BCRCP straddle both these power houses with enviable success.

The Indian Pharmaceutics Industry is ranked among the top 10 global growth engines in this sector. Both, in terms of volume as well as value. We are worth more than USD 20 billion and are at a 20% market share of global exports. India is the largest producer of anti AIDS drug. 6 of our Pharma companies were chosen by the UN to supply anti AIDS drug ‘TAF’ to 112 countries.

In this very fast paced, technology intensive and powerful growth scenario, our graduates, who are extensively trained to work with precision and dexterity, are naturally placed in an extremely advantageous position.

BCRCP, with the endorsement of Pharma Giants like Pfizer, Lupin and Sun Pharma is ready to provide its students with all necessary support required to be the best professionals is calling us.

 The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is calling us. Let us join hands and be ready to ride this wave of success. I look forward to seeing you here. Best wishes.