India’s sustained inclusive growth, increased life expectancy and growing rates of literacy and real income per capita have raised the demand for healthcare at all levels. The astronomical costs of medical treatment in the West have also made India’s pre-eminent corporate hospitals a global health tourism hotspot.

This growth has in turn fuelled the rise of a large pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in India. With great advancement in the medical sciences and the concomitant growing demand for qualified and trained personnel in the medicinal research and manufacturing industry, the need for bright, well qualified, industry ready Pharmacy graduates is being felt like never before.

BCRCPAHS (BCRCP for short) is a part of the Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College group, born of the vision of a group of renowned philanthropic entrepreneurs in the steel city, Durgapur. Like the other specialised institutions of education and research in engineering and management run by the group, named after legendary physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the visionary architect of modern Bengal, BCRCP is also designed to emerge as an institution of excellence under the overall management of BCREC Society.

BCRCP has, in a short span of about one and a half decades, established itself as a highly lauded tech-school producing well-rounded, qualified and competent professionals in the complex field of pharmaceutical technology. Our alumni are well placed in India and abroad.

Learning is a highly rigorous but pleasurable experience at BCRCP. Our aim is to leverage global benchmarks, be counted among global institutions of excellence in the field of pharmaceutical technology education and research through continual improvement, and leverage the stature to expand into other highly specialized fields of technology education and research.

Durgapur is one of the first planned kinetic industrial cities in the country. It was often called often called the Ruhr of the eastern region. Its leading lights, the integrated Durgapur Steel Plant and Alloy Steels Plant of the Steel Authority of India, and other important public and private industries and research establishments, have given Durgapur a national status. The city, less than 3 hours by train from Kolkata, scores high both as a sophisticated business center while retaining the quiet charm of a country-side town. Durgapur has possibly the highest concentration of opportunity for Industry-Institute interface and partnership in West Bengal

Dr. B. C. Roy College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences, BCRCP for short, is located in this distinctive city. It is a part of the Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College group, popularly abbreviated BCREC, born on 21st August, 2000, of the vision of a group of renowned philanthropic entrepreneurs in the steel city, Durgapur. BCREC is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the legendary architect of post-independence Bengal. The force behind the group, the BCREC Society remains steadfast in its pursuit of the cause of value based, multidisciplinary, value for money education that continuously evolves in keeping with changing technology and management paradigms.